Best Lighting Tips for Birthday Parties

Lighting Tips

Any party, and especially birthday parties, can extend its duration beyond what was planned and before we know it, the night surrounds us with its jet veil. This forces us to have good lighting that allows us to continue enjoying the party, but at the same time fits with the decoration and the atmosphere created for the celebration.

Proper birthday party lighting helps to create a perfect atmosphere at any party

Even when the party is held indoors, proper lighting helps to create a perfect atmosphere for the party.

What is essential to keep in mind?

Lighting Tips For Birthday Parties
Lighting Tips For Birthday Parties

When we are going to play with lighting as a decorative element and to create the desired atmosphere, we must take into account certain very important points:

Indoor/Outdoor: Inside we can use practically any type of lighting we want, the limit is set by the available space. But when it comes to using lighting, it must be suitable for outdoor use.

Electrical installation: If we do not use battery-powered lighting, it will be necessary to deploy cables from a socket to the place where we put the light point. This generally breaks with the aesthetics of any party (unless it’s an electrician’s party, which is rather unlikely).

Electrical and fire risk: In the case of using an electrical installation connected to the electrical network, it is advisable that the installation is made and supervised by a professional who ensures that the circuit is well insulated. We must also make sure that if we use incandescent or halogen bulbs, they are not close to flammable materials, as they generate a lot of heat.

Energy consumption: If we are one of those who have an electricity bill at the end of the month, this is another factor to take into account. It is advisable to use lighting that provides the best performance for each case.

Type of lighting: The type of lighting will allow us to create all kinds of atmospheres, but also change the atmosphere of the party at any given time. For example: Throughout the afternoon you can create a relaxing atmosphere with tissue paper lanterns or origami lamps, but at nightfall it is enough to change the type of lighting to create a disco and dance atmosphere, with a few LED bulbs that achieve that effect.

Choosing the type of lighting will always depend on the atmosphere you want to create at the party.

What lighting is best for a birthday party?

Lights Birthday Parties
Lights Birthday Parties

It is best to use LED lighting, and if it is battery-powered, even better.

LED light generates almost no heat and its energy consumption is minimal with superior illumination. By using battery-powered LED lights, we also avoid any type of electrical installation and all the risks that this entails.

This type of lighting adapts to any space and any type of lamp we can think of. It’s great for tissue paper lanterns and even making balloon lamps.

The least advisable thing to do is to light with candles. Without a doubt, candles create calm and relaxing atmospheres. But they carry a significant risk of fire and burns. Decorating with lit candles is a sure success, but the risk is also always present: a trip, a fall, an oversight… And the party will have gone to waste.

Using lit candles at any party means that someone has to supervise them to make sure that the party ends without unpleasant surprises.

When to decorate with candles?

Candles in general should be avoided, especially if there are children at the party, except of course for the candles present on the birthday cake.

At adult parties, where we gather with friends around a large table, we can decorate the center of the table, or even the environment, with candles. While this is true in many cases, candles can also be substituted for other LED alternatives, such as tissue paper lanterns or even LED candles. Safety is the most important thing.

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